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The Manifestation Accelerator

Master The Simple But Scientifically Proven 4-Step Process to Quickly & Effortlessly Manifesting Your Deepest Desires.

This Groundbreaking Program is Designed To Take You Step-By-Step, From Struggling To Get Results, To Arming Yourself With The INCREDIBLE Power Of Manifesting Almost Anything You Want in Just 41 Days or Less!


Let us help you make 2020 the year you finally get to start creating & actually living the life you’ve always envisioned.

We created the Manifestation Accelerator program to help you do EXACTLY that.

So if any one of these apply to you:

✅ You know the exact kind of life you want to live, but your self-limiting (or self-imposed) beliefs are holding you back from success.

✅ You totally understand the Law of Attraction but you don’t know the actual “how” to manifest consistently and predictably. 

✅ You know a lot of personal development and have studied books like Think and Grow Rich, or have watched videos of Bob Proctor or Abraham Hicks. But you’re lacking in the ability to actually implement what you’ve learned and get physical, tangible results. 

✅ You’re suffering from information overload and overwhelm, as it’s daunting to figure this all out on your own.

✅ You have heard about the "abundance vibration" and may have felt you got there a few times before, but find it hard to stay in that frequency.

✅ You’re lacking in full belief or confidence, and can work on believing better.

✅ You don’t have a great relationship with money, maybe you’re even short on finances and you struggle to manifest larger amounts of money consistently.

✅ You’re working so hard but you’re getting very little results.

Then you’re in the absolute right place and the timing couldn’t be any more perfect!


Here's Our Promise To You

So here’s what you’ll get from your membership in the Manifestation Accelerator Program.

First off, when you decide to take inspired action and enroll in the Manifestation Accelerator Program…

✅ Get Extreme Clarity - We’ll provide you with clear direction, structure, and specific instructions. That way you can focus less time on "figuring it out" and more time manifesting what you really want.

✅ Get New & Amazing Results Within 41 Days or Less - We set this program up to help you get an enormous shift and start getting new and improved results as soon as possible, with the least amount of work possible.

✅ Eliminate Internal Blockages Around Money, Business, & Success - You'll start to have all empowering thoughts, which will accelerate you to getting the exact results you seek and manifest almost anything you want.

✅ Feel More Fulfilled, Enlightened, & Be At Peak Potential - This happens as soon as you join the program. That is a result of us helping you shift your thoughts from day one.



Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get In The Program

What you'll get:

✳️ "Manifestation Super Formula": Allows you to the uncanny ability to have consistent manifestations miracles, each and every day!

✳️ In-depth Manifestation Video Content Every 7 Days: Provides you with step by step guidance, with visual representation. So you get a deeper understanding and clear directions on how to internalize the manifestation process for astronomical results.

✳️ The Manifestation Accelerator Workbook: Provides you weekly clear, exact steps and plans to execute so you effortlessly reach your weekly manifestation goals.

✳️ Ability To Ask Scott Questions In Our Facebook Group (More than worth the price of the membership in it’s own): Gives you invaluable personal guidance from me whenever you’re stuck or confused and need clarity. People pay me 10’s of thousands of dollars just for this.

✳️ Stay On Track Plans: Creates accountability and gives you guidelines to be as successful and consistent as possible. So you stay on track and become everything you wish to be, and more.

✳️ Community of Like-Minded Individuals: Network & learn from people on the same journey as you, who are just as invested in your success and are willing to provide a helping hand and push you whenever unforeseen challenges arise. Trust me they do arise. These people will be in your corner every step of the way.

✳️ Tons Of Bonuses: Including resources from Bob Proctor (Private learnings and teachings exclusively for members only!), PDF's, extra content, and much more.

Here is a visual of the membership site, showing Module 1a:



Still on The Fence?

Check Out These Amazing Results From Some of My Students

(names scribbled out to respect the privacy of our community)


☑️ John (El Jay) manifested $6,000 in 72 hours, within 7 days of joining


☑️ Angela manifested $1,000 within 22 hours of joining


☑️ Archana manifested $10,000 within just 5 days of joining


☑️ Vladimir manifested $2,400 (total of $8,700 in 28 days after starting)


☑️ Emma manifested $2,000 overnight within 24 hours of using the 5-step process provided in the program


☑️ Vladimir manifested $2,800 + sales + higher quality living within 4 weeks of joining


☑️ Vladimir then manifested $3,000 within 72 hours


☑️ Tyesha manifested $400 within 20 hours of joining and following the system


☑️ Mike manifested a new $1,000 recurring client within 14 days of joining


☑️ Celena manifested a new high ticket client paid in full (two in 1 month!) within 37 days of joining


☑️ Ana Elle manifested $1,000 effortlessly


☑️ Tony manifested $16,530 within 14 days of joining


☑️ Vanessa manifested $700 within 4 DAYS of joining


☑️ Fiona manifested 6+ new client bookings within 4 DAYS of joining


☑️ Luisa manifesting record financial month within her 12 year career ($43,258)


☑️ Jim manifesting $21,000 in 1 day with huge business success


☑️ John manifesting $6,500 within a week of joining


☑️ Adam manifesting $2,600 within just 8 hours of joining


☑️ Livia manifesting $4,000 within 2.5 weeks of joining


☑️ Shane manifesting $11,400 within 14 days of joining


☑️ Mike and Amy manifesting $299 within MINUTES of joining


☑️ Vladimir manifested $3,500 to make it a grand total of $12,200 in the first 30 days within joining the program


☑️ Helen manifesting double what she originally wanted ($4,000)


☑️ Helen manifesting a huge $250,000 sum of money + dream home


☑️ Dave manifesting $39,100 worth of business in 1 week


☑️ Jacquelyne manifesting 3 new clients with complete ease


☑️ Kamila manifesting $800 within 2 days of joining


☑️ Christian and April agreeing it's the best $50 they have ever spent


☑️ Ryan using the process to manifest 2 new clients with ease


☑️ Emma having highest business month ever within 3 weeks of joining


☑️ Shawn manifesting higher pay and $100 tips, best month within 10 years of business


☑️ Celena manifesting her bank account to $270,000+


☑️ Shola manifesting paying off all student loan debt


☑️ Berenice helping her own daughter manifest what she wanted (as it's not only money gain we help clients manifest!) 


☑️ Art manifesting free lunch (as it's not only money gain we help clients manifest!)


☑️ Dena manifesting a free cup of coffee (as again it's not only money gain we help clients manifest!)


These were people who were once in your shoes, they decided to take action and look what it got them.

Don’t wait, take action now! Enroll in the Manifestation Accelerator. Your future self will thank you.

The best thing is you can cancel at any time!